Kids yoga expert Sünje O'Clancy and Hippie

Sünje O’Clancy, MA, E-RYT, RCYT

Kids’ yoga expert Sünje O’Clancy, MA, E-RYT, RCYT, has been teaching yoga to students of all ages for more than two decades. Dedicated to enhancing children’s lives through yoga by creating a nurturing and fun environment so that they may realize their fullest potential, in 2007 Sünje founded the San Diego-based kids’ yoga company Yoga Rascals out of her love for children and passion for yoga. “Sharing the joy of movement, the calming effects of relaxation, and the many other benefits of yoga with children can have a big impact on how they develop their sense of self in a positive way,” 

“We teach yoga in a playful way,” Sünje points out. “When traveling on our yoga adventures, children can let their imagination go wild. They are wonderful co-creators who consistently come up with incredibly inventive ideas.”


Abandoned under the bright blue sky of Sonora Desert at a young age, Hippie was rescued and found her way to San Diego. After being adopted by Yoga Rascals founder, Sünje O’Clancy, she fell in love with yoga, and can often be found on Sünje’s yoga mat. With a genuine love for kids, Hippie thoroughly enjoys putting her best paw forward in Yoga Rascals’ videos.