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Hey yoga friends! Are you ready to travel with us on imaginative yoga adventures to National Parks? Learn about the animals who live there, enjoy beautiful landscapes, and practice lots of yoga poses.

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Child doing yoga with Sünje and Hippie

Yoga with Sünje and Hippie

• Do you want to hang out with our super friendly yoga dog Hippie? Join us as we travel on our yoga journeys to National Parks!

• Is recess your favorite part of school? You will love our Yoga Rascals Recess videos for kids ages 5 - 10!

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Kids yoga instructor Sünje O'Clancy with her dog Hippie

Hippie Says

Yoga Rascals in-house canine companion, Hippie, shares her insightful thoughts about life in general and being a good dog in particular.

Yoga Rascals Recess

Guided by expert yoga instructor Sünje O’Clancy and her super friendly dog, Hippie, children travel on yoga adventures to different places around the world.

Hippie Eats

Kids learn about the benefits of eating a healthy diet while finding out what kind of healthy foods Yoga Rascals’ dog friend, Hippie, will eat.

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